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The market for coolers and tumblers has continued to grow every year illustrating the desire to find something unique, meaningful, and refined. A lot of people want to go with products that seamlessly integrate into their setup and become a go-to option whenever they need them.

While the market continues to develop, there are two brands that are doing better than the others. These brands are none other than RTIC and YETI.

This comparison is going to look at what both brands have to offer, how they are priced, and which option is going to work best for your needs moving forward.

RTIC vs. YETI Product Comparison


1. Hard Coolers

Both hard coolers are well-designed, compact, and provide consistent cooling for as long as you need it. They are built to last, deliver quality performance, and meet all established safety standards.

  • RTIC 65

These are their leading products and are designed to deliver great results.

2. Soft Coolers

The soft coolers are excellent for both YETI and RTIC making them easy to use throughout the day. Whether it is the RTIC Soft Pack 30 or the HOPPER M30 SOFT COOLER, they do get the job done.

  • RTIC Soft Pack 30

These soft coolers have been refined down to the last detail making them easy to use and fully functional.

3. Day Coolers

Most people will be looking for a day cooler to keep with them while going to work or out for a brief picnic. This is where RTIC and YETI shine with their cost-effective products.

  • RTIC Day Cooler 15

Both of these day coolers are sleek, easy to use, and are going to provide more than enough space for users. If the goal is to have a streamlined lunch box for the rest of the day, these work well.

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Quality Comparison


1. Selection of Products

Choosing the right type of product is a must, which is not a problem here. RTIC and YETI focus on designing state-of-the-art products across a long list of cooling categories. This makes it easy to enjoy what they have to offer and choose what works best for your needs.

These items include:

  • Hard Coolers
  • Soft Coolers
  • Ice Buckets
  • Tumblers

The options are endless and both brands do a good job of providing a good range of options in each category. If the goal is to find a specific type of product then you are going to enjoy both. They have spent years developing high-end products and it shows through their catalog of options.

Whether it is finding a good hard cooler or tumbler, there are meaningful options available on both sides.

2. Customer Service

Customer service is not a problem with these brands and they have built full-fledged teams that work around the clock to assist customers. This is essential for those who are particular about what they are getting and how protected the cooling product is.

If you are hoping to buy a product and make sure it works well, RTIC and YETI are good fits.

Both brands have started to stand out among the different companies due to their elite customer service. If this is a concern that is going to matter, both brands do a good job and deserve praise.

3. Build Quality

When it comes to build quality, you are going to enjoy what YETI and RTIC have to offer. Over time, these companies have taken the time to understand what the masses want before developing their next line of products. This is why they stand shoulder-to-shoulder in this category.

They have spent a considerable amount of time working on sealing the coolers, maximizing cooling production, and analyzing how their products are used.

This has led to a long list of advantages when it comes to build quality.

These benefits include:

  • High Cooling Standards
  • Consistent Cooling Performance
  • Easy to Set up and Use
  • Ideal for Different Situations

If build quality is a requirement, you can choose both products and feel good about what they have to offer. Each product is made with a high level of care and is aesthetically pleasing too.

4. Safety Standards

Safety standards are always going to matter when it is time to make a choice.

RTIC and YETI have spent years analyzing what works best and what meets national/international standards of safety. This ensures all of the cooling products are up to scratch and will perform as intended.

The benefits include:

  • Meet International Standards of Excellence
  • Consistent Cooling Products
  • Built to Last

Being able to choose from one of these products is convenient because each one will be safe to use. When multiple people are going to be using the cooling products, it’s essential to get something that passes modern-day safety standards.

5. Pricing

This is where it becomes obvious a bit of separation develops between the two companies. While they continue to match each other in durability, quality, and performance, it is the pricing that starts to show where the differences lie.

YETI is far more expensive when it comes to its products and it shows throughout their catalog.

The section below will take a deeper look at what the differences are and why RTIC stands out in this regard.

Price Comparison: Is YETI or RTIC Cheaper?

Pricing has to be kept in mind when it comes to RTIC and YETI. This is where the two brands start to differ even though they manufacture the same type of products.

If pricing is something that is going to matter, it’s important to understand where the differences are and how much they’re going to cost when it’s time to buy. Here is a breakdown of some of the companies’ main products and how they are priced right now.


  • HOPPER M30 SOFT COOLER – $299.99
  • HOPPER FLIP 12 SOFT COOLER – $199.99
  • YETI TANK 45 ICE BUCKET – $199.99
  • TUNDRA 250 HARD COOLER – $899.99

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  • RTIC 65 – $239.99
  • Soft Pack 30 – $99.99
  • Day Cooler 15 – $32.99

>>Check Current RTIC Prices at Amazon

The Cheaper Option? RTIC…

When comparing the two options, it becomes obvious there is a distinct gap in pricing. Both brands offer similar products including hard coolers, soft coolers, and ice buckets, but RTIC stands out with its pricing.

RTIC has taken the time to develop high-quality solutions that work like a charm but aren’t going to cost a lot. This is ideal for those who are working with a budget and may not want to foot a large bill when they don’t have to.

While YETI does offer a wonderful selection of products, most are significantly higher in price, which may be challenging for those on a budget.

Summary: Will YETI or RTIC Work Best for You?

When it comes to quality, attention to detail, and performance, both the YETI and RTIC do a good job. However, when it is time to choose between the two products, it’s easy to lean towards RTIC. It is a proven option that is far more affordable, refined, and simply delivers on all fronts.

The best part about going with this brand is knowing they offer a wide array of products to choose from. You are not going to be settling for less with RTIC and that alone makes it a winner. They have taken the opportunity to develop something that is picture-perfect and will yield great results as soon as the investment is made.

Go with the RTIC products and you’ll enjoy the results that come along with them.

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